No more sardines .... Striper Time

As I said earlier I am done on a personal level fishing for shad this year. I have never been a huge shad fan so it doesn't take long for me to move my attention to something else. Granted I understand while people love them and love to fish for them, I just guess I get bored easy....So me an my buddy jason went out striper fishing for a few hours yesterday between setting up for my sons first birthday today (yes he gets a fly rod for his first birthday). We hit two spots and hooked 9 fish landing 8. We also had a double which was cool. All of them were about 2-4lbs and a few were below the 18" "Keeper" mark but Stripers 15mins from your house in May is cool no matter how big they are. I expect it is going to be a great summer of striper fishing as I have never caught fish this early. Last year was amazing so I can only imagine what this summer will hold.
Hogan Brown