Lower Yuba

Guided the Lower Yuba yesterday and fishing was good. River has dropped 300 cfs in the last few days but that didn't seem to affect the fishing. there was a few caddis flying around during the day but most fish were caught on Yuba Pupas and Rubber legs plus a few new buggs I am working on. Always good when the new stuff actually catches fish for clients and not just me. Found most fish in deep slots and runs not accessable to wade fisherman during the day. In the evening fish seemed to move into more accessable water. Evening hatch was a mix bag and not super thick. Saw little yellow sallies, caddis, PED's, and few drakes of some kind. Most fish that were rising were one and done. I didn't see any fish come up consistantly. If someone wanted to pound likely water with dries they may get lucky and get a few fish in the evening but continued to catch good numbers of fish on nymphs so it was hard to change. Most of the fish were good size 14-16" and we lost one PIG 22-24" fish at the boat after a few huge jumps and LONG runs.

It continues to amaze me how well the river has been fishing for the end of June. Usually it is a one hour deal at dark this time of year. My only guess is that the mild weather has kept bug activity consistent through out the day and the fish keep eating. Who Knows.

Today I am back on the L. Sac for stripers. I have a string of striper dates this week and the river is looking in good shape. I'll let you know how it goes.
Over and Out.
Hogan Brown