Turning 30 and never wade fishing again...

Well I turned 30 years old yesterday...Crazy. I went up to Almanor to play 54 holes of golf with my dad on Friday (36 holes) and Saturday (18) morning. Turned out I came home to a huge suprise party that my parents, wife, and in laws had put together. Totally suprised...no freaken clue.... So cool though...I couldn't believe it.

So with that as my theme ... I also went wading fishing on the L. Yuba Wednesday. I had a few great guide dates in the last week there and I wanted to pull on some fish myself. Flows were about 2000cfs and I remember as a younger man tromping all over the river at flows up to about 3000. First of all, forget walking on rocks like that, about 500 yds into my hike down river I remembered why I fish out of a boat and hadn't actually walked and waded this river in so long. I wade it often but not more than 10yds from my boat. I don't consider myself out of shape either as everyday I don't row I ride my life cycle, but wading acrross the Yuba at 2000cfs was not as easy as it use to be. I fished for about 2 hours and caught one fish and realized that when this river is over 1000 cfs it is a truelly a drift boat river.

Thursday after mowing the lawn and what I know now were chores my wife was making me do to get ready for my own party, I went striper fishing out on the Sac. The river was still muddy from all the thunder storms and rain and I didn't hook a single fish...I did see a few monster blow up on pike minnows though which kept things interesting. I will be back out there tomorrow to see how things are going and then I have a few guide dates mid week for stripes.
More to come. Over and out.
Hogan Brown