Slide Shows...stomach flu...trout

Started the week by heading down to the bay area for a slide show presentation tuesday night at the Diablo Valley Fly Fishers. Great Club, by far one of the best I have spoke at. Headed back to the hotel full of Mexican food and talked out. Had a few Coors Lights and called it a night....thinking I would wake up early get go to Amoeba Records in Berkely and spend some dough on CD's then head into the City and see Keith W. at Leland and then mosey my way down to San Jose for my presentation at the San Jose Fly Club....Awesome Day....Well my plan took a huge diversion when I woke up at 330am feeling like a WWE match was going on in my stomach. Very quickly I was laying in bed with cold sweats and running back and forth to the toilet...Sorry house keeping at the Danville Best Western....

Well I had to cancel my presentation and go home as I had gotten a bad case of the stomach flu... as did my whole family. Wife and 1year old Oliver. So for wednesday and thursday me and my wife laid around eating saltines taking turns changing some really disgusting diaheria diapers. Fun.

Back on my feet by Friday - Got business taken care of to get back on the water Saturday.
Guided the L. Sac for trout on Saturday. Fishing was fair. River is blown out above Cow Creek and Posey Grounds is closed so there is like maybe two floats open on the whole river. this makes it a bit crowded. Sunday had planned to guide the Sac for stripers but the river was blown out so I had to move the trip the L. Yuba for trout. Definately a great day on the L. Yuba. I will insert a report here below but lets say I am headed over there for all my trout fishing until the weather gets smoken hot. Gonna try to get up to the NF Feather this week for some trout fishing as well. I told the wife it is my Birthday week. I turn 30 on Saturday. WOW. Where does all the time go. Over and Out

Flows are stable and gin clear at 2000cfs or so which makes wading a little tough that said we did catch fish in wadeable spots. The last few days we have had about 15-20 hook ups and put about 10-15 fish in the boat. Good spread on size from 12-14" to a few 17-19" fish hooked and/or landed each day. Been fishing from about 10am to 7pm and fishing has been consistent all day with the cooler temps. Hatches have been sparse to fair with mainly caddis coming off in the evening but we have risen and caught plenty of fish on caddis dries throughout the day when there are just a few flying around (usually smaller fish though). Most of the fish caught on dries are in the riffles or against the bank, areas where I get clients out and wade fish them. We have also caught plenty of fish on nymphs - stoneflies and caddis pupa have been the best. Best thing though has been that there is no one on the river, I have had to move my striper trips to trout trips on the Yuba as the Sac has blown out. River should fish great as long as temps stay in the 75-90 degree range with cool evenings.
Hogan Brown