small stream fishing

Took a client up to walk and wade fish Yellow Creek up the NF Feather Canyon yesterday. I hadn't been there yet this season, but every time I go am suprised at how beautiful this little creek is. Great trail along side it that is nestled in a beautiful forrest canyon. Granted it was still hot, but no where near as hot as the valley. We caught and lost a bunch of little wild rainbows on dries and nymphs, nothing special just standard attractors, and had a great day.

Spent Saturday striper fishing on my own. Hit a ton of spots across about 5-10 miles of river and lost one nice fish and hooked a bunch of dinks. There is actually still plenty of shad around (hooked about 25 monday night) so I think most of the bigger stripers are still munching on shad. Making it very hard to interest them in my 4/0 clousers. Usually we don't start catching those until the shad numbers dwindle down.

Today and tomorrow I will be guiding the Lower Sac for trout from Barge hole to bend bridge, my favorite summer float on the L. Sac. Beautiful scenery, usually no other boats, and no back yards. I'll let you know how it goes.
Over and Out
Hogan Brown