2 days on the Sac and off I go to Fall River...

Spent the last 2 days with clients on the L. Sac drifting from Barge Hole down to Bend bridge for Trout. The flows are high and stable with fishing being fair...not great but fair. Fish ate a ton of different bugs and I couldn't pattern anyone as the hot bug. It was nice to be on the water considering how hot it was outside as it was a bit cooler on the river. This morning I am on my way up to the Fall River and Clearwater house to guide on the Fall for a few days. Should be a nice change of pace and fishing should be could with the hex hatch in full swing.

Back home on Monday and will be back out on the L. Sac chasing stripers for 2 weeks before I head out to South Carolina for Red Fish and Tarpon. Tough life...I know.
Over and Out.
Hogan Brown