Striper Time

Weather has cooled down a bit (not that makes a differance) and I have been on the Sac the last few days for stripers. Good numbers of fish in the keeper siz (18") slot which usually go about 3-5lbs and a few big fish in 10-20lb range. Caught one yesterday at about 3:00pm that had two tails plus my fly hanging out of its mouth - pig. Tails were pike minnows sot that is good news that that shad buffet has thined out and the bite will continue to pick up. There was a 39lber caught a and released as few days ago by a friend of mine so there are some big fish around. Top water is a still a few weeks away but you can get fish in the evening throwing bit poppers if you want to search it out. Other than that have a few trout and striper trips in the next few days and then back up to Fall River before I head out to South Carolina for 2 weeks. Tough Life. Over and Out.
Hogan Brown