Last few days...

So the last few days I have been all over the place. I guided the Lower Sac from Barge Hole to Bend bridge on Friday and had a good day. Fishing has improved slightly on that float from a week or so ago. We seemed to hook bigger and more fish which is always nice.

Saturday I was on the L. Sac outside of chico for stripers. We had been doing well on stripers during the early part of the week, but a low pressure system moved in on Saturday morning, temps droped and there was a few rain drops present. We managed a few small fish during the evening but it was pretty tough fishing. I will be back out there tomorrow and thursday so hopefully fishing will improve.

Other than that back up to Fall River on Friday and Saturday then off to South Carolina on Monday for some red fish, tarpon, and anything else that swims.

Get out and fish. Over and Out.
Hogan Brown