home, settled, and back at it...

Got home from South Carolina late sunday night and took monday and tuesday to put my life back in order after being gone two weeks. Paid some bills, answered emails, put a massive todo list for the next week together and was sucseful in putting off cuting my jungle of a yard. The trip was great .... fishing, golf, family, and the southern coast. I have visited this area a few times and the south is a great place, Savanah GA, Charleston SC, and HIlton Head are great towns and areas.

The fishing was good. Summer redfishing is really tide dependent and as the grass flats flood on the high tide schools of fish move in and you get your standard tailing red fish for about 2 hours. When this ends you can go to off shore reefs and fish blue fish, spanish Macs, or look for tarpon. I caught plenty of fish and had a blast

Regards to CA fishing, I was on the Lower Sac yesterday from Barge to Bend and the fishing was good. Put about 20 in the boat and lost another 10-15. All the fish were a fat 15-16 inches for the most part with a few under and a few over that we lost. Today gonna do some work to get ready for school to start and then head out for striper fishing.

Here are some pics.

The Stalk...swirl is the tailing fish....the grab (not subtle take with redfish)...the run....the fish....repeat this 10 - 20 times in 2-3 hours is a ton of fun.
Hogan Brown