stripers and fall off to South Carolina

Guided stripers on the Sac thursday. Fishing has been tough. There are good numbers of small fish around and a few big ones but the big ones have been tough to get to eat. We hooked up almost every spot we fished and saw some big boils but couldn't get the bigger fish to eat. This is really frustrating as you began to wonder is it flies...location...time of day.... or did the fish just go the opposite direction from your cast. Either way it was a frustrating day on the water. So striper fishing goes some times.

next morning at o'dark thirty I left chico to get up to the clearwater lodge by 8am. Fished the morning on the Fall with marginal success. We rose a bunch of fish but on really small flies and LONG LONG drifts so setting the hook was next to impossible. BUT we did fool them. Pulled off about noon and went over to Burney creek and beat up on some creek trout with stimis and droppers then headed back to the lodge for a nap and dinner before fishing the evening hatch on fall. The evening hatch was a mix bag...kinda the end of the hex hatch and the start of a really thick dark brown sedge hatch. The fish were much more receptive the sedges than the hex's believe it or not. We hooked and landed a few fish and then headed home.

Next day we fished the Pit in the morning and did good until it got hot and then we headed over to Burney creek again. Pit was standard issue pit if you could get the tight line deep drift down you caught fish if not you struggled.

Now I am home packing up my stuff and heading out tomorrow to South Carolina for some red fish, tarpon, golf, and family time. Over and Out.
Hogan Brown