New Flies

Usually about this time every year I get the sample run of my flies that are to come out the coming year. I have been a comercial tier for Idylwilde fly co. now for a number of years and am always humbled to think people actually pay money to buy my flies at fly shops around the country. If you talk to other tiers that work with other companies when they get their samples they began a laundry list of issues with the flies... materials are not the right color, this is to long or to short, this is to bulky, this isn't tied in right, etc. I have about 30 some patterns out now and I can't remember a time my sample didn't come looking perfect but actually better than I tied them....kinda sad when someone ties your own patterns better than you do.

Thought I would post some pics of what the new stuff looks like. The caddis patterns I have been working on for two seasons now trying to incorporate some new materials. Both have fished great for me on the L. Yuba, L. Sac, and other Nor Cal Waters. The mayfly nymph is a pattern I came up with while fishing a couple Sierra Rivers that I fish big dries and droppers on. It is also a great fall or winter baetis attractor pattern. Pair it with an egg or more match the hatch style fly like the S&M or Military Mayfly. Also keep an eye out for Kevin Prices top water bass bugs that are coming out through Idylwilde.... they are sick and VERY innovative. I have fished them for 2 years now off and on as he has developed them and I haven't found a better top water assortment of flies...

*Mind you I am not a photographer and these were really quick snap shots.

Hogan's Starling Darling Caddis

Hogan's Short Shuck CaddisHogan's Tungsten Bead Exploding Baetis

Hogan Brown