Labor Day Weekend

As I brace for a the coming fall guiding season a three day weekend with no guide dates is something to cherish. Fishing wise I spent an evening on the Sac chasing stripers amidst shot gun blasts from dove hunters and monday I drove up to the north fork for a little trout fishing.

Striper fishing was fair got one nice keeper and a bunch of dinks. The flows have droped and cold front has moved threw so I think fishing is going to be slow until the weather heats back up mid week. The north fork on the other hand fished great. I always try to get up and fish it a few times in september as it has a great Isonychia hatch. While I rarely hit the actual hatch the fish eat the nymphs with abandon once the bugs are moving around. Caught fish in every pool and bucket I fished and most fish came on my Isonychia nymph. Average size was about 14". Most of the fish were in the fast water and deeper plunge pools. Here's some pics of the river if you have never been there.

Hogan Brown