the weekend...

Finally seems like winter weather is here. In chico it has been cold high 30's low 40's over the night and hovering around mid 50's to 60's during the day. Spent time over the last few days guiding the Lower Yuba, Lower Sac, and helping my buddy Ryan Johnston and his wife Bonnie move into their new home. Fishing on the Yuba was good when the weather was bad and bad when the weather was good....Bottom line fishing on the L. Yuba has been tough. The fish are there but November fishing is always a bit up and down after fish gorge themselves on eggs for two months. Floated the Lower Sac on sunday and fishing was fair to good. Hooked one nice adult steelhead and good numbers of typical football L. Sac rainbows. Was a little bummed we didn't get another steelhead in a few runs but over all a great day on the river.

Other than that have the whole week off from school...gonna fish today when my wife gets home from work...Tuesday paint kitchen then go kill somthing with wings...Wednesday fish or shoot...not thursday...back on the water fri, sat, sun. Have a great thanksgiving and time off with family...over and out.
Hogan Brown