back to the world...

So we moved into our new house on veterans day and I have finally unpacked my office and got internet hooked up again. Still no dryer as our old house had gas and this house needs gas hook up put in and my wife won't let me mess with gas lines after various "incidents" with electrical projects. Other than that the house is great and oliver and the dogs are loving all the new space.

Trout season has come to a close and the winter season has opened...Butte Creek, Big Chico Creek, Salmon Fishing on the L. Sac all opened on Nov. 15. While I am sure some commando's were on butte and big chico at first light on sunday I have not heard any reports yet. I am sure there are a few fish in each system but I know from driving over both creeks that they need rain. I usually don't fish these creeks until the first big blow out of the year and then rush out to fish the drop.

Guided the Lower Yuba this last weekend and fishing was TOUGH. Only saw a few salmon on redds and the egg bite has definately dropped off. We did scratch a few fish and lost a few nice ones but almost all our fish came on buggs in what I call bug water. For the most part though I would say the fish are sitting on the bottom digesting a month and half worths of eggs. Fishing should pick up again in mid dec.

If you live in the Bay Area the idylwilde crew (me, Kevin Price, Mikey Weir, Jason Hartwick) will be at the California Fly Shop on Dec 12 from 10-3 for a fly tying day. All of us will do a presentation, tie, and answer any questions people have about flies or tying. Also there will be plenty of Idylwilde stickers, hats, some prizes of beer and flies....cases of sierra nevada to be specific...Free lunch and tunes I think as well...should be a good time
Hogan Brown