Yuba Weekend

Guided the Lower Yuba this last weekend. River was not that crowded at all but fishing was fair. Fishing has definately slowed down over the last week. There are still good numbers of redds and more redds showing in the lower river but fish seemed to have moved off the beds. Most of the fish we caught were on bugs in slower deeper water. This usually means fish are gorged on eggs and moved off into deeper water to digest. We did find some fish eating eggs in the shallows but the consitent bite was on smaller Yuba Pupa's and red headed stepchilds. Next weekend I am going to move over to the Lower Sac I think in the lower floats (redbluff down) to start looking for some bigger steelhead. Haven't heard any good reports from the feather but I am sure with the next big storm things should pick up over there. Over and out.
Hogan Brown