A day wasted

I had presentations by Butte College in all my classes today (all senior econ and govt) so I spent the whole day cruising the web, reading, sleeping while the lights were out for a power point...great day. Any how if you get a chance check out the new issue of catch magazine at www.catchmagazine.net also http://catchmag.blogspot.com. Also check out all the drake movie award winners on http://www.drakemag.com/videos/2009-films. sweet flics even if you have to watch them with out sound as I did. Also check out the new issue of this is fly at www.thisisfly.com......So much cool stuff on line now adays. with regards to fishing this week none in sight...lots of fly tying in the morning and guiding this weekend both days. Red Bluff to Los Mo on the sac saturday and we'll see on sunday maybe L. Yuba or secret canyon river....I am out of to pray for a Phils come back in the 8th
Hogan Brown