Wow!! it has been a hell of a week. Tons of rain this last week with every body of water blowing out and many reaching flood stage. The Lower Sac by chico hit about 2-3 feet from flood stage which is a few feet from the top of the levy. While it sucks that all the rivers are unfishable we really need the water as many of our reservoirs are really low. Personally I have spent the off weekends here working on my house - put in a new kitchen floor today with my father in law and tomorrow I am going to put up some bead board in the guest bathroom to cover up some horrible wall paper. Other than that not a whole lot on the books for the next few weeks. I have had to cancel and move around a bunch of stuff until the rivers drop.

With regards to the San Mateo show I really have to be honest - it was as poorly attended as I have ever seen. Friday was dead! while it was good to see all the industry people that I don't see as often as I would like the actual public atendance was lacking. To bad because there was a ton of great presentations, booths, and some serious deals from fly shops like the California Fly Shop, Fly Fishing Specialties, and lodges like Clear Water House. Not sure how the Sacramento show is going as I stayed home this weekend to work on my house. Usually attendance at the Sac show is really good so I am sure it is rocking this weekend.

Well other that that watch the fl0ws as the rivers drop. The Lower Yuba should fish really good once the flows clear up and drop a bit as it always does after big blows out like this. The unfortunate thing about the timing of the storm was that many of the skwalas were probably in the middle of migrating to the banks to hatch and got blown away. Any how who knows...we'll see what happens. Hope everyone weathered the storm(s) and got some duck hunting in at a minimum. Over and Out
Hogan Brown