Monday....Rivers are dropping

Didn't fish this weekend as I am finishing up some home remodel work but a couple buddies hit the Yuba and said there was about a 1-2' visibility and fishing was pretty decent. Streamers, worms, and big bugs was the ticket. If you wanta pull streamers or swing big flies these are the conditions to do it on the L. Yuba. The lower sac up by reading I have heard is coming into shape but I know down by chico it is still off color. other than that nothing new to report.

This time of year is always kinda transitional for me as I start to get ready for the spring as well as doing a few late winter trips and actually fishing on my own. I work formalizing new flies, getting all my spring boxes in order, getting my motor boat ready, sell rods to buy new rods, just basic house cleaning of the fly fishing component of my life...which takes up a room and part of my garage so this is a necessary step each year. I am continuely amazed at how much "stuff" I have and how little of it I actually use. I am officially a fly fishing pack rat.
Over and out
Hogan Brown