Mid Week...oh mid week

So mid week has come again. Talk to my buddy and guide Kevin Price last night. Fished the L. Yuba and said there was a bout 1-3' visibility kinda brownish blue color. Good mayfly hatches with a few skwalas flying around. Air temps were a little on the cold side yesterday so not an optimal day for skwala activity. K.P. Said the nymph bite was good. Caught fish on jimmy legs, Yuba Stones, Military May PMD's, and rubber legs. Also pulled a few fish up on split wing skwalas and just standard black and gold stimulators.

This is the time of year to pick that warmer than usual day and call in sick to fish the skwala hatch. On warmer days it can be pretty epic around 3-dark. Run some rubber legs, Jimmy legs, Two Tone Stones, Yuba Rubber Legs through the riffles midday as the bugs migrate to the bank then start throwing the big dries like Split wing skwalas against the rocks around 2pm. Key on buckets along with bank. Deeper water that fish can comfortably hold in close to the rocks. Also tie a dropper off your dry, only about 12", like a peacock Chubby cousin or general attractor. Sounds dirty but if they miss the dry, which they do, you can get em as they swim away....or they may just eat the dropper.

I won't be out there this weekend as I am flying to Missoula MT to film for the TV program "Fly Fisherman TV" ya i know feb in MT is cold as hell. I ain't big time enough to get the July time slot out there. Well pics and stories to come from my journey to MT in Feb. Over and out
Hogan Brown