While I haven't been trout fishing much I have been working on some new trout flies. Check em out... A new hares ear pattern, new "Yuba Pupa" color, and a new PMD nymph

So I hear trout fishing has been fair to good on the L. Sac and the L. Yuba, Fluctuating with the weather. I can't say I have been on either river though, recently I have been chasing the illusive pre spawn BIG bass. I really want to get a few big pre spawn females on film this spring so I have been poking around some ponds, sloughs, ditches, and afterbays in search of early females moving into the shallows to chow down for the spawn. Latest report: still ealry...a few weeks I think. My buddy Kevin Price checked out a few of his bass haunts and came away with the same result.

Today I spent the morning with two of my long time friends chasing pheasants at the local pheasant club as the weather went from rain to sun to clouds to sun. At little BBQ tonight and movie should be good....Over and out
Hogan Brown