Ups and Downs....

here is the ups and downs...

Rain has been coming and going making for some pretty inconsistent conditions in the north state. I haven't been guiding much or fishing as baseball has started. If you didn't know I coach Varsity baseball in the spring. One of my many contributions to the youth of Glenn county and Hamilton High School. Rain and sun make for some serious ups and downs in any baseball coaches life as well. Practice, no practice, game, no game, throw in the gym, throw outside on the black top...I need a multi million dollar indoor facility and I will be fine.

Fishing wise I am a bout to hit my busy spring season as I start guiding on the weekends and then when baseball is over after school most days then...when school is out every day if possible. Here is what is happening over the next few months.

BASS AND CARP: Mid April through mid may great Largemouth, Small mouth, and carp fishing on the Lower Sacramento. Check out my article in the current issue of “Northwest Fly Fishing” for detailed information on this amazing fishery.

SHAD: Mid May through June Shad fishing is in full swing. Evening trips start mid may and full day and camp trips are available end of May. Check out information on our shad/Striper camp at

STRIPERS: End of June through September is prime striper time on the lower sacramento river outside of chico. End of August is prime top water time.

STEELHEAD: Mid March through April is prime time for spring steelhead on the Lower Feather River. One of the most under fished steelhead runs in the state.


Lower Yuba River – Prime time for spring and summer fishing is going to be Feb (when the river comes down) through mid June with a huge variety of hatches and options for dry fly and nymph fishing.

Lower Sacramento River – Great spring caddis hatch but one of my favorite times to fish the Sac is end of June through July down low in the canyon where nymphing with big stones and attractors is the norm.

CLEAR WATER HOUSE – I will be guiding this summer as well up on Fall River, Hat Creek, Pit, and various waters surrounding Clear Water House. Clear Water House is a great lodge and a wonderful place to go stay, fish , and get away for a few days. If you have never fished the Fall treat yourself to a trip up north it is really a unique corner

Also coming up I will be speaking at the Redding Fly fishing Club March 10th on fly tying and my theories on fly design...deep....lots of candles, meditation, and elicit drugs...bring your prayer rugs.

Last Word: if you have kids in public your schools as our state dismantles the public school system. If you are a teacher good luck as "Pink Slip" time comes. If you are like me and haven't taught for over 20 years you will most likely get one. Cheers to unemployment, fishing to forget about it, and drinking whiskey to feel better!!!!

Over and Out.

Hogan Brown