Drive By Truckers + Hogan Brown live in Redding one night only.

If you have not heard of the Drive By Truckers need to check these guys out...they are by no means super secret nerdy indie guy don't think I am working some sorta street cred promotion here. They just posted there new CD to listen to on their web site a week before it is released. I just listened to whole thing and tied a bunch of caddis flies. Good CD. if you like it check out decoration day as well. Still my favorite but this new one may over take it with a few more listens.

Also I will be speaking one night only at the Shasta Trinity Fly Casters tonight March 10th at the Redding Library. It'll get pretty wild as I talk about fly tying and my thoughts on bugs. Bring your lighters, whiskey, and hash pipes...everything else involving flytying is trivial if you don't have the essentials.

Also check out the new idylwilde website, if you haven't yet already. It is like nothing else out there right now and really geared towards the people fishing the flies. Check out the blog and anything Kevin "the hippie" Price writes...Dudes nuts...and he is one of my best friends.

here is an idea get the fly tying essentials, turn on the drive by truckers, and check out the new idylwilde site...then road trip it up to the redding library to see me speak...massive free stuff if anyone pulls that off. that is rock will catch way more fish, straight exude awesomeness, and score super models for the rest of your life. Over and Out
Hogan Brown