Under Construction

Wanta thank all the redding area crew who showed up for my presentation on wednesday to the Shasta Trinity Fly fishers. Had a great turnout and everyone seemed to enjoy my new presentation on entomology and fly design. Usually I judge interest in my presentations by how many people in the over 65 age bracket fall asleep. I could only see 2 so I consider that a success... if I can keep those guys a wake everyone else was into it I figure. Looks like I will be back up in redding next month to speak to the Shasta May Flies but we are still in negotiations about that...I recently signed with Scott Borris so I let him do his work.

On a fishing note no guiding this weekend...I am gonna go run my river boat (one with a motor) tomorrow probably to dust off the cob webs and make sure everything works. I did get canceled on the weekend of March 27th and 28th so if anyone wants those dates I will give you a $95 discount and book the date for $300 -either date for $300. These are prime dates for the Lower Sac and Lower Yuba so if your jonesen to fish get a buddy and for $150 (plus tip - lets not get cheap now) your on the water.

Flies: I have been tying a ton. Lots of new bugs on the bench in various stages of development from ...."good ideas yet to be fished" to "I gotta get these off to Idylwilde" .... In the process of this I thought I would share some new dubbing I have been messing with. Hareline is my go to company for materials and their hare's ice dub is pretty cool. A mix of standard rabbit hare dub and their revolutionary ice dub. check some pics of new colors...

These colors really vibrant and these pictures don't due them justice but should get you interested. I really like the Bloody Black and Hare's Ear. I tied up some black AP's using the black. Also with the hare's ear I tied up some Hare's Ear's with standard hare's ear dubbing for the back and the Hare Ice for the mid seciton. Which gives a old fly a little different look. Not sure about the Rusty Orange yet...might work as a PMD but seems a little to vibrant of a Orange. May mix it with some brown to get more a dirty rust orange.
Hogan Brown