Weighing In...

So I am not one to get to involved in industry drama. My wife for the longest time has been convinced that the fly fishing industry/guides create more drama than a sorority house full of blondes. Well certain issues at times require me to weigh in…Bobber Gate has required me to weigh in.

The release of Idylwilde’s new indicators (the Sindicator), which lets not pull any punches, are bobbers, much like a corky, thingamabobber, balloon, or old red and white, have created a real hub bub amongst the blogosphere or guys with nothing better to do….don’t lump me in to that category…I post to put off working out each morning, I have a job, wife, college education, and have reproduced. So don’t get the wrong picture here…

Fly-fishing Blogs “Moldy Chum” and “Blanco Honky” have thrown off the gloves name calling like “Shameless”, “ripoffandduplicator”, and questioning the integrity of all contract tiers for idylwilde.

SERIOUSLY!!!!! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!!!?????!!!!!?????

SIDE NOTE: I am pretty sure Moldy Chum is also run by the sales manager of Patagonia - DISCLAIMER: Not sure could be rumor - But if this is true, Sales manager dude, get off the internet and on the ball. Not sure if you watched the bass masters the other weekend but every dude was rocking Simms. So...might want to work on that marketing plan because while you were poaching and trash talking about Idylwilde, Simms just put some tracks on your back.

These guys are going off like somebody at idylwilde broke into the Laurence Livermore labs and stole government secrets. It is a freaken bobber and has been around FOREVER. Get over it!!! in this industry things get knocked off. Every fly company in the world ties a copper john, Fox pupa, or Kaufmans stimulator. You don’t see those guys flippen out and trash talking all over the Internet.

Furthermore, I don’t read either of these blogs much, but as this epic hilarity has ensued I have looked them over…they from what I can see are prime examples of content piracy. Even the post on Sindicators poached a picture from an idylwilde press release…and no there was no photo credits or acknowledgement. I know one of the blogs even poached a good buddy of mines content off his blog (Kevin price www.infoaboutbassin.blogspot.com) for their own…Again SERIOUSLY????!!!!

Here is my thought: It is a bobber. Talk about something more important like a fishing report, a new fly, a fishing technique, conservation issues, …. Health care, the state/national debt, unemployment, energy and climate issues…hell read a book and talk about it, better yet come up with your OWN content…novel idea…. Bottom line the guy that invented the Internet is pissed, if not rolling over in his grave.
Hogan Brown