The Yuba - wind, sun, and crappy dry fly conditions

So I spend a lot of time on the Lower Yuba and I by no means believe my way of fishing it is the be all end all. There a few guides out there who I respect that I know fish the river a completely different way and some days I poke more fish some days they poke more fish.

Let me paint the scene - about 70's midday, wind gusts every few minutes that blow good enough to chop up the water. So I pull into a big flat notorious for March Brown and Grey Drake hatches this time of year but with the wind and chop that is not going to happen. There is another guide boat anchored up over a part of the flat where his clients are throwing what looks to be dries. I think sweet maybe they found some working fish - so I change my clients nymph rigs for the flat and we proceede to miss a few fish in the top of the flat nymphing with lighter weight and smaller flies. We then slide around the other boat to get to the bigger more open part of the flat below them and I watch and see no fish, just wind chop, not even any bugs to speak of. So we fish the bottom of the flat break of a really nice fish, miss another 2 or 3 grabs and then as I am re rigging I make sure to sit and watch where they are fishing for about 10 minutes as my clients take a break and I re rig - nothing. I was completely per plexed - ya I know maybe clients wanted to fish dries NO matter what - maybe there WERE rising fish - What ever dude
wind chop on the water = no mayflies
no mayflies = no risers in the flats
That is commitment to a technique. As much as I had my heart set on fishing dries on a sunny march day the conditions were just not right but that said some people stuck it out.

Over all the fishing was tough. we by no means knocked them dead. I had a father daughter combo and they were struggling in the morning as the grabs were pretty subtle. In the afternoon when the fish got a bit more grabby they started hooking up more. Most fish came on The Spring Fling Pupa, Hogan's Clinger , and Hogan's Yuba Pupa.

River seems to be in what I call the early spring transition. The March Brown and Grey Drake hatches are kinda petering out and the caddis, PMD, little yellow sally hatches are just getting started or have yet to began. Over all the next 2 months on the L. Yuba are gonna be good. I still have a few dates available if anyone wants to get out and fish during some of the best dry fly months of the year.
Available Dates: April 7-10, 24 May 1, 16

Hogan Brown