Lack of Fishing Report

So this weather sucks...yesterday was great but with a muddy river it was hard to take advantage of it. I had shad dates all week that I had to cancel due to rain and cold weather. I even trailered up the boat and headed out to the river yesterday in hopes of at least marginal clarity but with a flow jump of about 5000cfs I was being optimistic. pulled next to the river on river road and it was brown with debri floating down it...turned around, went back home, cracked a beer, watched the giants, and lit the BBQ.

I guess the good news is we have plenty of water this year and once the weather and flows come around there is plenty of shad and stripers in the river. This mild weather is gonna keep the trout fishing on the L. Yuba going through the next couple weeks maybe even through June. Our mountain streams and rivers are gonna be great all summer... delayed gratification is tough.

I will be out the river all next week guiding and fishing so with 80 degree weather in the forecast hopefully the river comes into shape and I can get some fishing in.
Hogan Brown