Shad, Crazy weather, a street vendor, fly guide, etc.

So shad are here in force. I guided both tuesday and monday evenings and found fish in good numbers both evenings. One thing I have been hearing and board chatter has pertetuated is the rumor/idea that "there are a lot of big fish this year"....I am not one to jump on any shad rumor or generalization but the last few days have confirmed this rumor atleast in the dozen or so holes I fished on the L. Sac. We caught about 20-30+ fish a night and lost or missed a bunch more. We did find good numbers of "larger" females at most spots we fished. Even with high flows I am fishing 200-250 grain heads and standard shad flies.

I was gonna go fish today after school but it is raining and cloudy more like the last day before christmas break not the last day of school before summer. I will be back guiding tomorrow. Probably throw some flies for stripers, bass, carp, and shad...mix it up.

BAY AREA CREW: I will be speaking at the San Jose Fly Fishers on Wednesday next week on warm water fishing if you are in the club or area stop by

CHICO PEOPLE: I will be speaking at the Chico Fly Fishers on Thursday same speach so if you got to the san jose one hold off on the chico one.

In other news I helped my wife with her booth at thurs night market here in chico...Best night of people watching ever...all from my camp chair with my book. Check out Sweet Tangerine if you have a chance.

More non fishing news...Chico People go check out the band Surrogate at Cafe Coda this sunday. Great chico band on Tooth and Nail records -

Also in my owns band news (the Remainder) look for shows and web site soon...30 year olds with jobs and kids take a while to make things happen

Hogan Brown