2 days off...2 days of striper fishing

Spent a few hours between mowing the lawn, hanging with Ollie, and waiting for my wife to into labor chasing stripers on the Sac. Water has come down though there is still a lot more than usual which changes many of my spots....though for the better. Wednesday found a bunch of shakers and managed 2 keeper (23-25") fish to hand along with seeing 2 BIG blow ups. Thursday went back out and hammered one of my favorite spots where I saw those two big blow ups to no avail (just a bunch of shakers). I still think it is a tad early as there are a good number of small (10-12") shad around and any striper over 18" can fit one of those down it's gullet so they don't have much interest in my flies right now. Should continue to pick up though over the next few weeks. Back to trout fishing today and a cast hope trip. Should be fun.
Hogan Brown