Tour of Northern California...

Lack of updates are lame I know but it has been a crazy week. Here is the day by day breakdown:

Monday: Worked in Fish First. Got my check engine soon light checked out...within 6mos is soon right? apparently a hose was loose and it cost $84 to reattach...and yes I will never go to that mechanic again. This was balanced out when on the same day the dudes at Chico UHaul fixed my trailer lights for free. AWESOME dudes. ... "No charge just a loose wire and we needed to re do your ground" .... my thought attaching a hose $84 - Loose wire and redoing my ground free. What the fuck. After work packed up the car and drove up to Clearwater house to guide the next day. Made it to the guide house around 10pm. Crashed out with Andrew Harris and Mike Peters...Andrew is a light sleeper and apparently I am a light snorer...I don't think he'll bunk with me again.

Tuesday: Guided Pit 3. Fishing was great. Had a Husband and wife from Sacramento and they both got the tightline technique down and started hooking some nice rainbows. The Husband lost a really nice fish in one of the bigger riffles right before we left to throw some dries on Hat. Hot bugs on the Pit were Jimmy Legs, black bead olive birds nest, Olive Good and Plenty, and Olive Fox Pupa. Burned home that night and crashed out....Long day.

Wednesday: Had a OBGYN apt. with my wife where we learned she is due SOON. Due date is July 14 but we (as in wife, me, Dr) think Beckett will be here early. I also had a shad trip on the river and fishing was fair. Hooked maybe a dozen in a few hours and missed about a dozen. A few smaller females and a bunch of little males. The shad are thinning out and I think shad season is wrapping up.

Thursday: Hung out around the house left about 2pm to head up to clear water to guide the hex hatch that evening. There was no hex hatch. Between 3 boats there was 2 fish caught. Got back to guide house about 11pm. crashed out.

Friday: Guided Pit 3 and fishing was really good. Lots of big fish this year on the Pit and one of my clients even landed a nice 17" brown trout. Hot bugs were the same as tuesday. No hex that night for me but other guides that went out said they saw some bugs just no fish.

Saturday: Guided Pit 3 and did Ridge to Ridge which for those that don't know is the KNARLIEST stretch. Only done it a few times on my own and never with clients but these guys were determined. A really cool stretch with some amazing pocket water, big riffles, and big fish that rarely see flies. Hot bugs were Jimmy legs, Iron Sallies, and Olive good and plenty's. Went out for the hex hatch that night and it went off. The hatch was pretty epic...bugs EVERY where but only a few fish eating. They will figure it out shortly and in the next few days the fish should go OFF!!! Left Clearwater at about 10:15pm and got home about 1am...Long Day.

Sunday: Woke up late for my birthday and fathersday, cleaned up my boat and truck, unpacked and hung out. Then went to see Toy Story 3 with Oliver and Steph....Good day.

Finally gonna get some fishing in of my own this week. Shad are thinning out and I am hoping to get some striper fishing in mid week. Over and out....Go fish!!!

Obligatory pics....

Hogan Brown