And then their were 2....

So with the birth of my second child (Boy:Beckett Hudson Brown) I have been a bit busy over the last week but have been guiding some and fishing on my own. Here is a quick run down.

Spent a few days up on the North Fork of the Feather River guiding and the fishing was great. Good until about midday and then slows a bit until the sun moves over the canyon and then the dry fly fishing can pick up as the sun goes down. Could numbers of 14-16" fish with a couple of monsters landed and lost. The North Fork is by far my favorite walk and wade trout stream and probably the most under fished freestone in the state based on the quality of fish and fishing. Most of our fish came on Jimmy leggs, olive birds nest, olive good and pleny's, Yuba Rubber leggs.

Also spent some time wading some creeks for smallies and that as always was productive and a great way to beat the heat.

Most of the fishing I personally have been doing and most of the guiding I have been doing is for stripers. Fishing has been for the most part tough. Lots of small fish but very few keepers and bigger fish caught. This is the case for everybody out there from what I have heard talking to many of my buddies that fish conventional gear. Not really sure what to make of it as every time I am out I see big fish blow up. So I know they are around just no one is catching them. Who knows...

Tomorrow I leave for 4 days up at Clear water lodge so report and picks to come...Over and Out.
Hogan Brown