Beckett hatched....

Beckett Hudson Brown entered the world yesterday at 12:41pm weighing at 7lbs 10oz and 20.5" long after a brief 1.5 hour labor. My wife is a beast - pushed for like all of 4 minutes. I have only witenessed child birth twice but it makes everything I previously thought to be bad ass that I have done look like playground moves. Both mom and baby are healthy and happy (though mom is a little beat up as to be expected) and will come home tomorrow.

Mom and Ollie Pre-Game

Ollie and Beckett Getting to know each other

Hard Day

In Fishing News....Spent last week on the L. Yuba and even the flows have been high (3200-4200cfs) fishing has been really good. The key has been the water clarity and the duration that the flows have been high. This has allowed for the fish to adjust and move into the new holding water that the higher flows have created. Very limited wading access at these flows but really fun float fishing as the river is basically a new river with all sorts of new holding water and spots. Hatches have been sparse to non-existent but nymph fishing has been good. Best Bugs have been Jimmy Leggs, Hogan's Yuba Pupa, Morrish's Olive Dirty Bird, Fox's Olive Pupa, and Hogan's Chubby Cousin, and Olive Birds Nest.

There are good numbers of golden stones around and I imagine if you hunt it out you could raise fish to a golden stone dry during the evening. Caddis hatches have been sparse and intermittent. There are few spots that I have had clients blind cast with Hogan's Yuba Emerger and we have risen a few fish in the afternoon but nothing that I would say constitutes good dry fly fishing.

I will be off the water through Sunday taking care of my wife, Beckett, and Ollie but will be back on the water Monday doing some striper and small mouth fishing. Plenty of reports to follow. Over and Out.
Hogan Brown