Stripers - numbers waiting on size

Been out on the L. Sac chasing stripers the last week. Fishing has been a numbers game as size has alluded me. Good numbers of fish in the 14-22" range (3-4lbs) caught on sub suface and top water. "Bigger Fish" seem to be eluding eveyone as all the bait, plug, and fly anglers I talk to express the same thing. The funny thing is every time I am on the water I see a few bigger fish smash bait or move off a flat. I saw a pig last time I was out multiple times smash pick minnows on the surface. Back outta the water whole deal...Cast to him multiple times with every conceivable fly, size, pattern and just couldn't get him to eat. So as I have said before they are their just gotta find them at the right time.

Other than that I am back to school this week but will get out on the river a few afternoons after school this week. Haven't heard much about other fisheries. Did hear the Yuba has been tough with the fluctuation and drop in flows. August is striper month so I have a hard time turning my attention to trout fishing. Well back to work today...over and out.

Hogan Brown