New Website Same Address

So one of my projects this summer was to redesign my website. While this blog here is what I update the most and is the most convenient way to disseminate fishing reports, ramblings, news, and other dribble a website is a must. The new site has all the pertinent guiding information, where when and how much, but what I think will be the most useful is all the information on my flies. There is a page dedicated to trout nymphs, trout dries, carp flies, and bass flies where there is a picture of every pattern and color of my flies and a description of how and why it came to be along with how and when I fish it. Patterns with in each page are also sorted into types for easy reference.

Check out the site and let me know what you think

In other news should get out striper fishing thurs - sat so reports to follow.

Over and Out.
Hogan Brown