A few days on the Lower Sac...

Guided the Lower Sac the last few days and found it to be a ghost town for the most part. August/september are always slow months on the river but I didn't see a soul. Floated from Anderson River Park down to Jelly's Ferry and fishing was pretty good. Good action on caddis patterns through out the float and rubber legs once we got below Balls Ferry. Boated a ton of fish high 30's but nothing really big most fish were between 14-16" with a few around 17". A good numbers stretch. Didn't see one salmon...which is a bit scary.

The Lower Yuba above the bridge closes today and the flows should stabilize around 1000cfs after the last week as Yuba Co. Drops the flows. Fishing should really start to pick up in a week or so once everything settles in.

The Striper fishing has been tough as flows have dropped in the lower river down around 6000cfs. Holding water shrinks up and I think fish get a little spooky. Should be back out there in the next few days.

Other than that Notre Dame begans the Brian Kelly era on Saturday against Purdue and God willing the Irish will be in the BCS in a few years...I hope. GO IRISH!!!
Hogan Brown