up date....

So striper fishing has been tough...not just for me either. The dudes throwen meat are not catching fish either. Some years I like this I guess and you just gotta keep fishing. I am a strong believer that fishing dosen't get better by sitting at home and bitching about it. So I have been fishing completely new water, new flies, new lines, all sorts of stuff to find fish and entice the ones I know are there to eat....the saga continues.

That said fall fishing is coming up...just got my new drift boat seat and I am stoked someone finally invented a drift boat seat with a hole in the bottom to drain the water. If you have ever rowed a drift boat in the rainy season you know how big this is. not much to report other than that...the giants make me sick on a nightly basis and I am holding out hope for a 10 win Notre Dame Season...I'll be honest though any thing above .500 would be swell....and a sweep of the Academy's...I can't take loosing to Navy
Hogan Brown