Lower Sac, Giants making a push, and Kenny Powers week is coming

Guided the Lower Sac a few days this week and last weekend. Floated from Redbluff to Los Molinos looking for steelhead and trout. Found some nice trout and the trout grab was good during the mornings and kinda tailed off in the afternoon. Trout were eating stones, caddis, and princes in all the standard spots. We did not hook one adult steelhead, which is really why you go down there. We didn't even see a salmon, not that they are not there just didn't see any in the riffles yet or up in the shallows. My thoughts were that it is still a little early down low. This weekends coming rain and maybe another week or so and I will make this run again. Usually October is the month to be down low looking for these large steelhead before they enter the tribs.

In other news there was an article in the Chico paper saying they just opened the fish ladder at the feather river hatchery and they are expecting 15,000 fish to make their way in over the next month. So hopes are high for a good return this year...Hopefully some steelhead show up as well this year.

In sports news the Giants are legit. Dodgers fans deal with it, your playing for pride at this point. We are making a legitimate run for the pennant and the wild card. It is gonna be nerve racking as we go into the final weeks of the season and a season ending series with the Padres, but so good to have somthing to play for in September. Also Notre Dame at Michigan State this weekend is scary...I read Blue and Gold (ND football weekly news letter) cover to cover last night and I am nervous about this match up.

In meaningless pop culture news....Kenny Powers week starts next week. The season premier is Sept 26 and all next week will be dedicated to Kenny Powers. If you don't know Kenny get to know him by going to your local best buy and buying season one of Eastbound and Down for $19.99
Hogan Brown