Busy Saturday...

So September is not a terribly busy month for guiding and I ended up having this saturday off The wife and kids took off for the day, so I had some free time. With some striper trips next week I decided to go check out the river and see what I was in for. The clouds started to clear and the sun came out right as I was driving out to the river. Perfect.

Spent most of the time fishing about a 300 yard bank that had carp, stripers, salmon, and pike minnows all rolling, rising, or smashing bait...it was cool. Caught a few small stripers and had one big mo follow me all the way to the boat fishing an I line...Heart about beat out my chest I saw this thing follow my fly for like 70 feet and turn off right at the boat. Fishing wasn't great but it was a gorgeous day and I did catch some fish. Still some big fish around and eating. Here is a pic from a buddy of mine this last week with a nice fish

Got home in time to watch the Notre Dame vs. Michigan State game....holy crap...talk about an epic game. Yes we lost in over time on a fake field goal but I have to continue to remind myself that this is a rebuilding year with a new coach, new system, and a first year quarterback. I knew that it was gonna be the kind of game that who ever had the ball last was gonna win and that was what happened. Big thing I see as I look back on was to many 3rd down conversions and big plays in the 2nd half allowed by our defense and in the first half we turned the ball over in the red zone 2 times...can't do that on the road and expect to win.

In other news check out Kevin Prices new Mice patterns for bass and trout. These things are simple genius and I have been fishing them for about a year now. GREAT top water patterns.

Hogan Brown