Lack of here is a meaty meaty

So I haven't been on the water in about 2 weeks as last weekend I took Wednesday-Sunday off and went back to Notre Dame with my father. It was Senior weekend and my father who has coached high school football sense leather helmets has a player on the team who starts at Tackle. Not only was a great weekend but the game was amazing as the Irish defeated Utah soundly and with a win today at Yankee Stadium against Army will become bowl eligible. Granted we may get like the south Dakota chamber of commerce bowl or something it is the extra 15 or practices that the team will get to set up next year that are important.
In other news I will be back on the water tomorrow through thurs. then sat and sun again on the Lower Yuba, Feather, L. Sac, or Butte Creek depending on what this storm does that is moving through. Didn't drop much rain last night or this morning but it has gotten really cold here in chico. Massive Reports to come over the next week.

In other news Idylwilde has released pictures of my new 2011 flies so here is a few snap shots of what is coming out.

Hogan's Lil' Bastard: A small midge/baetis pattern I came up with last winter on the L. Yuba but I fished it a ton through the summer up on Hat, Fall, and Baum Lake. This thing has caught fish all over for me and is my go to small baetis fly. comes in #18 and #20

Hogan's Petrified Pupa - New caddis pattern I came up with last spring when people started fishing my Yuba Pupa alot....gotta stay ahead the game. Comes in tan and olive

Hogan's Slow Guy - PMD and BWO: Came up with this fly to fish right before or during PMD and Baetis hatches when the nymphs are starting to swell with gas underneath the exoskeleton and getting ready to emerge. Fished this fly all last winter and spring on the Yuba and the L. Sac then fished it a ton on Fall River and Hat Creek.

Hogan's Fastwater caddis: This bad dog was born on the freestones of the sierras (N.F. Feather, N.F. Yuba, Pit River, Burney Creek...Deer Creek, Butte Creek...etc.). Stiff krystal flash legs to give the illusion of a scrambling egg laying caddis. Peacock butt to immitate an egg sack with a hackle head and beefy elk hair wing to keep this thing afloat as you high stick it through the chop.

Hogan's Golden Child and Hogan's Indigo Child: I have fished these flies for year and with the success of the Red Headed Steph Child I decided to release them this know where to fish them.

Also Look for new Yuba Pupa Colors this year as well....

Now if that wasn't enough to chew on there will be reports coming soon...along with some tails of my exploits in the mid west
Hogan Brown