Lower Feather

Spent Sunday on the lower feather. Took Saturday off as Friday night we threw a 30th birthday party for my wife...started at Crush in down town chico, rented out the balcony, ended with me carrying my wife down 3rd st. from the Bear like a scene outta a war movie. Needless to say I was taking care of the kids on saturday.

The lower feather is fishing good. I floated from the outlet down to Gridley. I had a father and his 10 year old son in the boat. We hooked 9 fish and landed 4. One nice 25" buck and the other 3 were 20-24" females. The Ones we lost were all in the 20-25" bracket and we had them on long enough to get a few pretty impressive runs and jumps. There are good numbers of salmon down to Palm and a few sprinkled in down to Gridley. Fishing has been best from the outlet down to Palm. I have struggled to find fish below Palm. There are salmon there and there should be steelhead, but just can't find'em. Most of our fish came on beads and san jaun worms. Didn't give the mayfly nymphs or caddis much time as they are much harder to land fish on than. With the over cast weather most fish came in the shallows behind salmon. Get out there and fish!!!
Hogan Brown