xmas...high water...not much to do....and ham.

Xmas was great. Funny how Xmas is sorta reborn and takes on a whole new meaning when you have young kids. It is really a lot of fun watching my oldest who is 2.5 open presents and get all fired up. That said now that Santa has come I am a little screwed as I used "Santa" to manipulate my sons behavior for the last month or so. To the point where I had him convinced that every time he wined Santa brought one less gift. Good stuff.

High water is every where. I have had to cancel a ton of trips this Xmas break as there is no where to fish. Lower Sac dropped down to 10,000cfs Xmas eve and should stablize and fish here shortly. The Lower Yuba is now below 6000cfs and looks to be dropping pretty steadily. Deer Creek is still around 250cfs but looks to be steadily dropping as well. I am hoping that the Lower Yuba is fishable this weekend but with the rain that is suppose to come in today and tomorrow who knows as Accuweather forcast over 2" of rain. Butte Creeks is still around 800cfs and unfishable.

With nothing to fish I am been going a little stir crazy but If the Lower Sac doesn't change it should fish fine here in the next few days so I will be back on the water towards the end of the week.

Also I had ham in some for for 7meals straight from xmas dinner on. I have run out of ways to use left over ham. I will most likely revert to the beginning and work my way back to a ham quesedilla.
Hogan Brown