Fishing, Irish, and new years.

Finally got out on the water a few days towards the end of the week on the Lower Sac. Floated Posse Grounds to Anderson and fishing was pretty good. Landed 12-18 fish on most days and hooked plenty more that got off. Not stellar fishing but good consistent hook ups throughout the day. Flows on the Lower Sac are still high but are stable at 15,000cfs. Best bugs were beads and small mayfly nymphs like the S&M, Quizimodo PT, and Mercers Micro May.

Lower Yuba finally looks to be dropping into shape as it should drop below 4000cfs today or early tomorrow. Deer Creek is still high at well over 300cfs and there was some low elevation snow in Penn Valley on up so there will be some run off as the snow melts. This should keep Deer Creek high and off color but as the main river stays high it will not affect the clarity as much. I am thinking of getting out and fishing the river mid week.

The Irish kicked the crap out of Miami on new years eve day...AMAZING. Miami looked pathetic compared to the Irish. Definetly a great way to push on into the 2011 season. With national signing day about a month away it is time to see who signs and what 5th years they ask back.

Good start to 2011!!! have a great new years day and there will be some reports this week!!!
Hogan Brown