Lower Feather and a New Raft

Got up early and fished the section of the feather up by the hatchery today with my buddy Ryan Johnston. CROWDED. There was like 7 guys in 3-4 runs. I did manage to hook a fish in a little back channel spot right infront of the chinese temple. Jumped 3 time then took a good run and was off. Nice standard issue feather fish though. Talked to a few spin fisherman and they hooked one a piece and said it was pretty slow. I would say give it a week or two to settle down before coming up but everyone that got there before us and staked out a good spot seemed to have hooked fish.

In other news set up my new raft yesterday in the drive way for the first time. Old style PAC 1300 with an NRS frame....small water be warned I am on my way.
Hogan Brown