Life with no fishing....

Well I haven't been out in two weeks...last week was booked for 4 days on the Yuba. Yuba blew out and clients weren't interested in the L. Sac. So what do I do with all that free time? Tie flies, play guitar, chase my kids around, comb the internet, watch know the American Dream. I did hit the gym two days last weekend. Which sense I wasn't rowing justified the sierra nevada I was going to drink later.

The Lower Sac flows have remained pretty constant through all the weather we have been getting hammered by but all the tribs blew out so the Posse to Bonnie, maybe to Anderson float is best. The Lower Yuba came down for a day or two but has jumped back up well over 3000cfs with Deer Creek coming up over 1000cfs as well. Also with all the low elevation snow I would guess there is more water that will be coming down as the weather warms up.

Spring training officially started yesterday as the Giants took on the Diamondbacks in their first cactus league game. Gotta love the fact that baseball is starting again. Seems like it just got over but I guess that is what happens when your team plays through October for the first time in 10 or so years. Not much else to report...gonna watch the rivers and hopefully get out soon but who knows. Rain and snow are good and mean all sorts of good things for this spring and summer so I won't complain. Stay safe.
Hogan Brown