Weather has been all over the place the last week. Rain, sun, rain, snow, cold wind....Tough. Spent This weekend guiding the L. Sac. Flows are LOW 3900-4200cfs. Floated from Bonnyview to Anderson and fishing was good. The sun came out a few times and the caddis got going and then when the sun left the BWO and other various mayflies got going. Caught fish on amber wings, spring fling pupa, sucker spawn, and a few fish on small PT's. Fishing should continue as long as the flows are stable and should get really good if we can ever get some warmer weather.

Lower Yuba has been up and down and now is up again. well above 3000cfs. When the river finally stabilizes and comes down for more than a few days this river should fish very good. That said who knows what is going to be going on as it has been so outta wack for the last month. Other then that watch my first giants game on tv last night...pumped. Just excited to have somthing to watch every night.

Also Notre Dame B-ball number #4!!!! above duke!!!! LOVE IT... now they just can't crap the bed like they did last year in the tourney. March Madness is here man and I am pumped. Big east tourney starts today. Selection sunday this is go time!
Hogan Brown