I suck Sorry....

I haven't posted in an awhile as I have been crazy busy and I have taken over the Nor cal fishing report on the idylwilde flies blog (http://idylwilde.com/wordpress/) and that is a job in and of itself. The German and head of Idylwilde flies is a slave driver and if I don't get him a report each week he gets pretty pissed.

That said fishing has been steadily improving and for the most part been pretty good. There are some mountain streams out of chico that are fishing up hwy 32 (deer creek, butte creek, Big chico creek) and while a bit high clarity is good and the fish have to eat. The Lower Sac has been fishing fair to good for trout depending on the day, pretty typical summer fishing. Striper fishing has been picking up as the shad have thinned out and water has stabilized and warmed. The lower Yuba remains hopelessly high and will remain high for I imagine atleast through July.

Spent some time up at Clearwater lodge the last week and heading again tomorrow. Fall River has been fishing fair with the Hex hatch starting last week and gain strength daily. Pit 3 is fishable and cranking out good numbers even though the flows are high. Hat and Burney Creek are crowded but about the same as always. Good numbers of salmon and goldens coming off on both.

Looking forward to few days off next week and getting some striper fishing in on my own. I will get some pics up from my next Clearwater lodge stint late this week. Go fish this is the time to get out!
Hogan Brown