Late week pre weekend report

Been fishing and guiding all week. Poached a home development lake with my buddy Adam Grace on Wednesday and found good numbers of blue gill on beds and a few bass sitting on beds. I will say I was suprised to see bass off of beds as this is the first week of really warm weather and everything seems to be behind schedule with regards to fishing. The bass were right on schedule though. Off their beds, tough to catch as they were in post spawn into summer mode transition I think. Big colored up blue gills were willing which was fun.

Last two days chased stripers, Shad, Carp, and bass around on the Lower Sac outside of chico. Bass are still waking up it seems. I am perplexed as to what is happening with these guys as I have not seen any bass on beds and water temps are still pretty cold so not sure what they are up to or what is going to develop with them. Stripers are around in good numbers but the ones that we are catching are the ones that can't fit a 14" shad down their throat....schoolies in the 17-20" bracket. Fun but not big. Shad fishing was tough but improving the last few days with warmer weather, dropping flows, and warmer water temps. That said I have only caught small males and a few smaller females. This usually signifies the end of the run or dropping off of fishing, but who knows I could of just been fishing over a small pod.

Lower Sac trout fishing has been tough as flows are all over the place. Here is the release schedule for the next few days....this will tell you how the fishing will be.

06/11/2011 00:01 10650 cfs
06/11/2011 01:00 10400 cfs
06/11/2011 02:00 10150 cfs
06/11/2011 03:00 9900 cfs
06/11/2011 04:00 9700 cfs
06/11/2011 05:00 9500 cfs
06/11/2011 06:00 9300 cfs
06/13/2011 01:00 10000 cfs
06/14/2011 01:00 10500 cfs
06/14/2011 02:00 11000 cfs
06/14/2011 15:00 12500 cfs
06/14/2011 16:00 14000 cfs
06/14/2011 18:00 13650 cfs
06/14/2011 19:00 13310 cfs
06/14/2011 20:00 13000 cfs
06/14/2011 21:00 12675 cfs
06/14/2011 22:00 12360 cfs
06/14/2011 23:00 12055 cfs
06/15/2011 00:00 11755 cfs
06/15/2011 01:00 11465 cfs
06/15/2011 02:00 11180 cfs
06/15/2011 03:00 11000 cfs

Lower Yuba remains and seems to be climbing with the recent warm weather, up to 8000cfs today. Not really sure how the river is fishing as I haven't been on it but I know my buddy Ryan Johnston was catching fish about a week ago when the flows were around 5-6500cfs.

Anyhow I am just gonna keep pounding the water for stripers and waiting on the bass....once the North Fork feather comes into shape I am going to dust off the raft and life jacket and hit that. Hope everyone is well.
Hogan Brown