Lots of water....I spent the weekend guiding on the L. Sac outside of chico. The original focus of the trips were to be shad but with the cold weather we abandoned that idea and focused on stripers and bass. It was a two boat trip both days and we found a few small mouth and stripers on the first day where warmer clear water was entering the river but day 2 the river blew out and we were forced deep into the sloughs. One nice thing about high water is that it provides access to sloughs and back waters that are usually not open. That said the water temps were still pretty cold and to catch any bass you had to hit them on the nose.

Monday I spent regrouping and working on my boat. Today I bought a new trolling motor and installed it. I did hit the river for a short evening excursion just to make sure all my electrical stuff on my boat worked. I don't do electrical stuff and was little worried when it came to installing a new trolling motor. River is blow out big time. Up to about 25,000cfs but from the looks of things it is dropping and by Friday releases out of Keswick are to drop down to 12,000cfs. So the river down through chico should come into shape by early next week. I did get deep into a few sloughs (about a mile back) and caught some nice bass on topwater and found a few laid up carp that showed a slight interest in my fly.

Back out on the river tomorrow through Sunday. I'll have some reports this weekend.
Hogan Brown