Friday Report

Up in Nor Cal here we got some serious rain this last week and the sun has come out over the last day or two and the temps are suppose to warm up this weekend. Personally I will be on the L. Feather the next few days chasing steelhead. Not sure what floats I am going to be doing but the eggs should be dropping and the steelhead should be chowing.

Got some new Switch Rods I am going string up for the next two weekends. Gonna string up both with   new Echo Ion Reels and Air Flo Speydicator Switch Lines - These things are great price point reels and great for the price at $79.99 - 99.99.

Echo Ion Reels
The Rods will be Echo SR 10'10" 6wts and Scott 11' 6wt L2H Rods. I have dodged the whole switch rod thing for a few years now. Mostly as they are not the best tools to fish out of the boat and there are not a ton of options for swinging flies around ... plus I have seen people hook fish on them that don't even bend them...but after a trip this summer to the McCloud with Ernie "the grizzly bear" Dennison and watched what an easy time our clients had nymphing the bigger runs with a switch rod I have decided to get on the band wagon.

Scott L2H

In other Friday News I must say the new Sierra Nevada "the Narwhal"Imperial Stout is pretty freaking yummy. It is taking the place of "Hoptimum." Great mix of coco and coffee with a thick dark stout...drink or eat with spoon but beware it is well over 10% alcohol and I usually can only do 1-2.

Hogan Brown