Weekend Report

So a huge weekend for my 2 teams. The Irish stormed in to Norman Oklahoma and put 30 points on the Sooners winning 30-13 and silencing the critics!!! This moved them up to #3 in the BCS points right below Alabama and K State. A couple weeks of mediocre teams that cannot be overlooked then a thanksgiving weekend road trip to USC........

AND of course the Giants SWEEPING the Detroit Tigers...I am not sure I even doubted them after watching game 1. I was a nervous wreck through the division series and NLCS, but after watching game 1 and 2 in the World Series I saw no way they could loose. Detroit looked comatose at the plate and when Zito and Bummgarner shut them down I had no doubt Voglesong and Cain could deal with that line up. Granted we got some breaks but as Jim Leland said the best team one and breaks don't lead to sweeps. I am not going to go spend a ungoly amount of money on memorabilia...
Nice wild Feather Hen

On to the fishing...I spent the weekend on the Feather fishing from Oroville down to Gridley area and fishing was great. There is a TON of spawning salmon throughout the river. Most fish in the Low Flow are up on redds and dropping eggs. Steelhead throughout the river are keyed in on the egg drop. In two days we did not catch one fish on a bug. All eggs. Some riffles are still very difficult to fish due to the numbers of salmon and fish in these riffles are dropping back to gorge on eggs. Areas with lower numbers of salmon the steelhead will get right up behind the redds in the nearest good holding water. Overall it was a great few days with good numbers of 18-22" fish with a few bigger ones landed and lost. Fishing on the Feather should remain good through October and well into November.
Nice Feather River Buck
I still have a few days in November available for fishing on the Feather, L. Sac, or Lower Yuba. November and December are great times both on the L. Sac and L Yuba for baetis hatches and winter steelhead as well as butte creek opening up Nov. 15. With strong salmon runs and some early rain this year steelhead fishing and trout fishing this winter should be good.

Open Dates

Nov. 18, 20, 21,

Dec. 9, 15, 16, 30, 31,

Jan. 4-6, 12, 13, 19-21, 26, 27
Hogan Brown