Quick Friday Report

Lower Sacramento River
The fishing is good to very good right now. Many of my buddies have reported ridiculous numbers and size of fish up through Redding and few steelhead lower in the river. The word is the egg bite is early 2000’s status and fish are chowing!!! Usually does not last long so book a bath tub to float down the river and get after it.
 Lower Yuba River
Flows are still up around 1000cfs and fishing is good. More and more salmon are moving up on redds, but fish still are spread out in the various types of water. Day and evening temps have cooled off drastically the last few days so the caddis hatch should slow a bit or be pushed to midday. Heard some good reports from a few buddies who likes to swing flies out on the river so with the higher water and the fish being spread out swinging flies is a fun way to fish this time of year. I like to swing smaller flies in olive or tan…Aram’s Little Kim in Silver, Hickman’s Skiddish Smolt , and the Partridge soft hackle flies have all pulled fish for me the last few weeks.
 Lower Feather River
There are great numbers of salmon in the Low Flow Section of the river with reports of steelhead mixed in. With all the salmon spawning in the riffles it can be tough to fish for steelhead but if you don’t mind loosing a few rigs they are mixed in there. The High Flow section came up to 6000cfs for about 8 days and now is dropping, down to 4789cfs as of today. Once the flows in the high flow get down around 2500-3000 it is time to get out and fish the high flow. The flow drop should suck steelhead and salmon up river. Mid October through thanksgiving is going to be good on the feather this year.
 Available Dates:
Oct: 21
Nov: 10, 11, 18-21, 25
Dec: 2, 8, 9 14-16, 19-23, 27-31
Hogan Brown